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Tips To Keep Your Children Safe While Travelling

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Accidents do happen from time to time and even though we sometimes like to believe it only happens to others, unfortunately, this is not the case as it can happen to anyone and much of the time through no fault of our own. Here are a few important things to ensure your family will be safe when traveling.

Keep Your Children Safe While Travelling

Here are the some best tips of keep your children safe while travelling:

1. First and foremost – Children should always use an appropriate car restraint until they are old enough or tall enough to wear a regular seat belt that fits properly across their chest and not around the neck.

2. It is best for newborn babies to use an infant car seat as these are specifically made for small babies to keep them snug, but there are really good brands of convertible car seats that can be safely used for children from newborn to around 40 to 45 pounds. Check that the bottom harness buckle does not fit above the shoulders.

4. Children under 12 should always be seated in the back seat in the appropriate child restraint depending on their age size and weight. For children under 3 years old, it is much safer to position the seat in the center of the back seat.

5. Always choose a convertible car seat that accommodates children in the rear-facing position for as long as possible as this is the safest way for children to travel.

6. A best convertible car seat should also accommodate older children up to 65 pounds or more in front facing position.

7. After children have reached the weight or height limit for a harnessed car seat then they should be OK to use an appropriate booster seat with a regular seat belt and should remain in one until they have reached a size where just the regular seat belt can be used safely which means the belt sits comfortably across their chest and not around their neck.

8. Because car seats have a use by date, it is best to avoid buying a used one unless it has been thoroughly checked by the appropriate authorities.

9. Before using a car seat, read the instruction manual carefully and make doubly sure that it is installed properly and if in doubt again seek the advice of professionals in this field. When properly installed the seat should not be able to move more than one inch in any direction.

10. Install car seats in the back seat whenever possible and certainly not in front of an airbag, as this will cause terrible damage if it is deployed.

11. A 5 point harness is safer than the overhead types and carefully following the instructions on how to use the harness properly is also important. When used properly there should be no or very little slack when pinched and the top buckle should be at armpit level for the most protection.

12. If a car seat has been involved in a previous crash it is best to replace it, as there is a good chance that it has been weakened in places and a second crash may have devastating results.

Note To All Drivers:

Always remember that a vehicle is a lethal weapon that will cause a lot of carnage if not used properly.

So for the safety of you and your passengers always drive with the utmost care and stay focused on your driving and what lays ahead of you. The first lesson I taught my children when learning to drive was – although you may be a really good driver, always watch other drivers carefully and do not assume you have the right of way even if the law says you do.

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