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About Us




Of Delivering Excellent

Insurance Products

And Services

At the A Reasonable Cost

To Our Clients.


Our FMIA, LLC standards, commitments and promises to each of our clients.  Each and every employee is expected to deliver these promises.

•                    We will smile and greet the customer when they enter our offices.

•                    We will call the client by name during each encounter in person or by phone.

•                    We will respect the client by always listening, saving their time and their money.

•                    We will answer all phone calls promptly and return phone calls within the client’s or employee’s expectations.

•                    We will anticipate the needs of our clients.

•                    We will be responsive to our clients follow up with the employees when we have referred a client to them.

•                    We will offer alternatives, find ways to say “yes”, and offer solutions to our clients and fellow employees.

•                    We will thank the client sincerely for doing business with us.



The purpose of FMIA, LLC is to generate a thriving, profitable retail independent insurance agency, offering a full line of insurance products to the clients of FMIA, LLC.

Our key objectives are as follows:

•                    Operate and expand a profitable retail insurance sales and service organization.

•                    Expand the number and type of insurance products offered.

•                    Improve the earnings, profitability and value of each department.

•                    Attract new insurance clients.

•                    Support a common culture throughout the organization.

•                    Provide economic reward for those who support the successful growth of our insurance operations.

With these objectives in mind our business plan calls for three core strategies:  Creation, Partnering, and Acquisition.

Creation:  FMIA, LLC operates as a full lines independent insurance agency in selected locations.

Partnering:  FMIA, LLC has entered into joint marketing and sales agreements with qualified reputable experienced insurance professionals in selected geographic territories to provide

insurance products and services to clients.  FMIA, LLC will be actively involved in the relationship between the partner and the client.

Acquisition:  FMIA, LLC will actively seek to purchase reputable, profitable retail insurance agencies that support reaching our objectives stated above.